Tennis meets Entertainment: The Ultimative Tennis Showdown in Frankfurt

Showtime for tennis! UTS served up the perfect fusion of sport and fun in Frankfurt! With top players not only engaging in electrifying matches that kept spectators on the edge of their seats but also participating in dancing battles and entertaining on-court interviews, the event lived up to its promise of delivering ‘tennis like never before’. UTS has proven to be a tennis spectacle that’s capturing the hearts of fans and players alike…



Grigor Dimitrov

Benoit Paire

Casper Ruud

Jan-Lennard Struff


Andrey Rublev

Diego Schwartz-


Gaël Monfils

The Rules

“It was fun, it was crazy, it was weird, playing with different rules. It was exciting and a challenge for me. Very intense, but a very good experience.”

Diego Schwartzman

Insights from UTS Founder Patrick Mouratoglou

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown has a completely new concept. What was your basic idea?

We started with the following idea: If we were to invent tennis today, knowing how people consume, what would it look like? The answer was that it would be short and very fast because the entertainment options are now so vast that people switch to something new quickly. Tennis should be dynamic and authentic so that players have more fun. Furthermore, the audience can completely unfold because it is genuinely part of the show.

“There’s no ATP event here (in Frankfurt) anymore, but historically, Germany has been a significant country for tennis. So, we thought we should come to Germany. But we also needed the right stadium, and the Süwag Energie Arena is truly fantastic.”

Patrick Mouratoglou

what are your first impressions of Frankfurt?

I really like the city. We’ve been going out to eat every evening so far. We went to Ivory, delicious food, a very nice location. The day before, we went to an Asian fusion restaurant, which was also very good. I like that everything here is within walking distance.

If you could choose a player, past or present, to participate in the UTS, who would it be, and why?

Probably Serena (Williams). She has a unique way on the court, expressing herself a lot. With her, you can tell where she is emotionally at every moment.

What would Serena’s UTS nickname be?

The Legend. And for the men, I would have liked John McEnroe or Marat Safin to participate. If I had to choose, it would probably be McEnroe.

UTS Soundtrack

1. “Ruby”
by The Kaiser Chiefs
Signature song of ‘Rublo’ (Andrey Rublev)

2. “Rebel Rebel”
by David Bowie
Signature song of ‘The Rebel’ (Bernoit Paire)

3. “Thunder”
by Imagine Dragons
Signature song of ‘The Thunder’ (Jan-Lennard Struff)

Serving up fun and Fan Engagement

The Showmaker

He knows how to make the audience laugh and cheer: Gael Monfils, also known as ‘La Monf’, was undoubtedly one of the most captivating personalities at the UTS in Frankfurt. From showcasing his breakdancing skills on the court to engaging with the audience and even handing the ball to a ballgirl to defend ‘The Rocket’ Chris Eubanks’ match point, Monfils left an indelible mark.

“I really like to put on a show… People can appreciate the heart we try to bring to the court.”

Gael Monfils

The Ice Man

Casper Ruud, the former world number two and multiple Grand Slam finalist, is competing as ‘The Ice Man’. In this interview the Norwegian discusses his personal connection to the city of Frankfurt, the reasons for his UTS participation, and his desire for a new shot…

Getting to know the coaches! UTS provides fans with a closer look at the coach-player relationships. The player’s coach was stationed on the player’s bench – directly on-court and players had the advantage of receiving coaching freely at any point during their matches. Among the coach-trainer pairs, one of the most endearing duos was undoubtedly Benoit Paire and his coach, Xavier Moraux. The duo that looks like brothers always had a fun time on the court…

“I like to have good advice from my coach, and to talk during a match. That’s a good thing during UTS – you can talk to your coach, to the commentators as well. That helps me.”

Benoit Paire

⠀No More Silence⠀

Player Insights and On-Court Chatter

Top 3


1 Unfiltered fun: UTS is not just about the game; it’s also about entertainment. It’s a rare opportunity to see top players smiling, engaging with fans, and having a great time while competing at a high level. This relaxed format adds an extra layer of entertainment, making the matches a must-watch for tennis enthusiasts and casual sports fans alike.

2 Dynamic duels: UTS introduces a fresh and dynamic format to professional tennis. With its quarter-based scoring system, time limits, and innovative rules, it keeps matches fast-paced and exciting. The clock is ticking, and every point counts, ensuring that each match is a rollercoaster ride of excitement and unpredictability.

3 Player access: UTS provides an unprecedented level of access to players. With on-court coaching and live player interviews during changeovers the audience gets a more personal look at the athletes. Plus, after the matches, the players take their time for autographs and photos, giving fans an opportunity for an up-close and personal experience.

The Match That Stole the Show

“The thing that I’m excited the most about during UTS is the energy I’ve seen in all the UTS events. The fans get really involved, it’s very fun to play in a different format.”

Chris Eubanks


Photos & videos: © UTS

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