Clay Court Showdown: All Highlights from the Hamburg European Open 2023

Today’s tennis stars meet the future’s rising talents! The Hamburg European Open delivered an electrifying showcase of world-class players engaging in a captivating exchange on the prestigious Rothenbaum center court. Alongside the current tennis elite, the event introduced promising young talents poised to make their mark in the days ahead. Beyond the court, the audience also enjoyed a lineup of exciting off-court events…

The top-seeded players






“It is a beautiful city and a fantastic tournament. My goal is to finally win an ATP 500 tournament. Why not here?

Casper Ruud

Insights from the Hometown Hero Alexander Zverev

About his childhood memories of the tournament in his hometown:

I’ve been coming to the tournament since I was a little kid. My first vivid memory is the incredible final between Nadal and Federer, where Federer emerged victorious. I must have been around six or seven years old at the time. One of my earliest memories is also about approaching Federer and asking for an autograph. I even asked in English. I was really proud of that.

“I was born and raised in Hamburg, I did almost everything here for the first time in my life, these roots remain. There are few ATP tournaments in the world that I would like to win more than Hamburg.”

Alexander Zverev

About his favorite places in Hamburg:

As kids, we used to go to Planten un Blomen Park very, very often. There was a huge playground where I enjoyed spending time. A typical day trip would involve going to the cinema next to (Dammtor, Editor’s note) station first, and then playing in the park. Even when the Hamburger Dom fair was there, it was always a highlight for me.

About the motivation behind founding his Alexander Zverev Foundation:

Conditions like diabetes are not often discussed. Therefore, there is little understanding among people who aren’t affected by diabetes. For me, it often happened that as a teenager or young child, I would go to doctors and was often told: ‘With diabetes, high-performance sports – you can forget about that immediately! Do something sensible instead. Go to school, pursue higher education, and make sure you get your life in order.’ I believe that both I and other athletes, like a player at Real Madrid, for example, who plays with diabetes, can now show that with this condition, anything is possible. With this condition, you can lead a normal life and pursue your dreams. That was a huge motivation for me. On the other hand, in different parts of the world like Africa or many parts of Asia, it’s not about leading a comfortable life, but about survival, because many children, many young people simply don’t have insulin or test strips. As a diabetic, you need to be well taken care of. You need access to necessary medications and care. So, one part is certainly about encouraging courage in children and young people, but the other part, and for me the much larger part, is that I want to try to provide all people out there – not only in Germany, not only in America, but everywhere in the world – the opportunity to lead a reasonable life with diabetes.


Legends Return to the Place of Their Successes

Who is watching?

Boris Hermann (professional sailor)

Hadi Teherani (architect)

Johannes Strate (singer)

Laura Noltemeyer (social media star)

Janin Ullmann (presenter)

Beyond the Baseline: Off-Court Delights

Not just on the court, but also off it, visitors to the Hamburg European Open had abundant opportunities for a rich experience. A spacious food court offered excellent catering during the extended tournament days. In the Public Village, talented artists provided daily live music. Furthermore, guests were able to enjoy engaging activities. There was particularly much on offer for young tennis fans. On the first Sunday of the tournament and the subsequent Monday, children up to 16 years old even enjoyed free admission. Additionally, they could anticipate a range of highlights, including interactive activities at the Kids’ Court, autograph sessions with tennis stars, a children’s press conference featuring Kevin Krawietz, Tim Pütz, and Andrea Petković, as well as the chance to engage in painting and crafting with Andrey Rublev.


He is en route to the global tennis elite – Zhizhen Zhang, China’s top-ranked player, is currently shattering records and has also made his mark in Hamburg…

Even the young aspiring stars received a platform at the Hamburg Open. On Friday and Saturday, a unique junior tournament took place on the side courts of the venue. During the Girls Nations Cup, a miniature version of the Billie Jean King Cup, U13 teams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands competed against each other.

⠀The Most Intense Showdowns⠀

These matches provided a particularly thrilling spectacle:

Top 3


1 Double dose of tennis: One of the best things about the Hamburg Open is that it is a combined event – the sole one in Germany – featuring both men’s and women’s competitions. This unique setup provides a rich array of matches to enjoy, with the event’s Super Tuesday being a prime example, offering a jam-packed schedule of 25 matches in a single day.

2 Up close with the stars: Imagine this: you’re strolling around the grounds, and suddenly, one of the top players, en route to practice, crosses your path and takes a moment for an autograph or selfie. At the Hamburg Open, fans can get up close with their favorite stars. Especially the kids benefit from autograph and even training sessions with their tennis heroes.

3 City-center venue: Unlike most tournament locations, the Rothenbaum Stadium is conveniently situated in the heart of Hamburg’s downtown. Not only is getting there a breeze, but you also have ample time for sightseeing during breaks, making it a complete and convenient experience. Plus, you’ll find charming restaurants in the vicinity!


The last two days of the tournament were dedicated to inclusion – featuring interactive activities, a talk, and the grand finale of a Nations Cup match between Germany and Austria. The German team consisted of Britta Wend and Tony Dittmar, while the Austrian team was composed of Tina Pesendorfer and Nico Langmann. Ultimately, the Austrian team secured the victory and was celebrated during the coin toss before the men’s final on the Center Court.


Photo: © Hamburg European Open/ WITTERS, © Hamburg European Open/ Alexander Scheuber, © Instagram/ @laura_noltemeyer, © Instagram/ @janinullmann

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