The 10 best Tennis Books

Tennis is more than just hitting balls on the court! from exciting biographies and tips for the right mindset from the top-players to nutrition guides and visually stunning coffee table books – we have compiled a list of some of the most renowned books on tennis here.

These tennis books are worth reading


The tennis essays of David Foster Wallace are an instant classic of American sportswriting. “String Theory” offers a deluxe collector’s edition of David Foster Wallace’s legendary writings on tennis, gathering five tour-de-force pieces written with a competitor’s insight and a fan’s obsessive enthusiasm. Wallace brings his dazzling literary magic to the game he loved as he celebrates the other-worldly genius of Roger Federer; offers a wickedly witty disection of Tracy Austin’s memoir; considers the artistry of Michael Joyce, a supremely disciplined athlete on the threshold of fame; resists the crush of commerce at the U.S. Open; and recalls his own career as a “near-great” junior player.


Widely regarded as one of the greatest ever sportspeople, Roger Federer is a global phenomenon. From his humble beginnings as a temperamental teenager to becoming symbol of enduring greatness, “The Master” is the definitive biography of a global icon who is both beloved and yet intensely private. But his path from temperamental, bleach-blond teenager with dubious style sense to one of the greatest, most self-possessed and elegant of competitors has been a long-running act of will, not destiny. He not only had a great gift. He had grit. For this book “New York Times” correspondent Christopher Clarey sat down with Roger Federer and the people closest to him to tell the story of the greatest player in men’s tennis.


One of Bill Gates’ all-time favourite books and described by Billie Jean King as her ‘tennis bible’, Timothy Gallwey’s multi-million bestseller has been a phenomenon for players of all abilities since it was first published in 1972. Instead of concentrating on how to improve your technique, it starts from the understanding that ‘every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game’. The former is played against opponents on the court, but the latter is a battle within ourselves as we try and overcome self-doubt and anxiety. Gallwey’s revolutionary approach, built on a foundation of Zen thinking and humanistic psychology, teaches us how to develop our concentration, work on our gamesmanship and help us break bad habits. It is guaranteed to change the way we play tennis forever.


What makes a champion? What does it take to be the best in the world at your sport? Rafael Nadal has the answers. In his memoir, written with award-winning journalist John Carlin, the tennis star reveals the secrets of his game and shares the inspiring personal story behind his success .It begins in Mallorca, where the tight-knit Nadal family has lived for generations. Coached by his uncle Toni from the age of four and taught humility and respect by his parents, Nadal has managed the uncommon feat of becoming an acclaimed global celebrity while remaining a gracious, hardworking role model for people in all walks of life. With candor and intelligence, Nadal brings readers on his dramatic and triumphant journey, never losing sight of the prize he values above all others: the unity and love of his family.


Tennis has never been played better than it is today. To watch Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic is to watch not only the best players with the best coaching hitting with the best racquets, it is to watch the culmination of an entire history. “Love Game” is a book about tennis’ grand culture, one that unveils the sport’s long history as it lives and breathes in the modern game. No one is better equipped to tell this story than novelist and historian Elizabeth Wilson. Telling the stories of all the greats, from the Renshaw brothers to Novak Djokovic, and of all the advances, from wooden racquets to network television schedules, Wilson offers a tennis book like no other, keeping the court square in our sights as history is illuminated around it.    


The tennis classic from Olympic gold medalist and ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert, featuring an introduction with tips drawn from the strategies of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, helps us to outthink and outplay our toughest opponents. A former Olympic medalist and now one of ESPN’s most respected analysts, Brad Gilbert shares his timeless tricks and tips to help both recreational and professional players improve their game. Gilbert uses his inside access to analyze stars such as Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, showing readers how to beat better players without playing better tennis. Written with clarity and wit, this classic combat manual for the tennis court has become the bible of tennis instruction books for players worldwide.


More than “just a game,” tennis has always been a sociable pursuit where whom and where you play defines the whole experience. From Wimbledon to other prestigious venues around the globe, tennis courts are a place to see and be seen ― and admire the skill of the players, of course! An entire culture has developed around this chic pastime. “The Stylish Life Tennis” displays a whole pantheon of tennis legends who combine athleticism with stylish flair while experiencing the charisma of such modern stars as Maria Sharapova and the charm of all-time great Arthur Ashe. “The Stylish Life Tennis” will inspire you to brush off your volley ― or at least dream about taking part in this leisurely, sophisticated world.


How did a player once plagued by aches, breathing difficulties and injuries on court suddenly become the number-one tennis player in the world? The answer is astonishing: he changed what he ate. While Novak Djokovic loved and craved bread, pasta and, of course, the pizza from his family’s restaurant, he found his body couldn’t process wheat. Eliminating gluten made him feel instantly better, clearer, lighter and quicker. His new physical health and mental focus enabled him to achieve everything he has ever dreamed of. In “Serve to Win” Djokovic reveals the diet that transformed his health and pushed him to the pinnacle. He challenges us to try his way of eating for just 14 days. He provides weekly menus and easy-to-prepare recipes that will help us lose weight and be a trimmer, stronger, healthier version of yourself.


Far more than a superb memoir about the highest levels of professional tennis, “Open” by Andre Agassi is the engrossing story of a remarkable life: Agassi had his life mapped out for him before he left the crib. Groomed to be a tennis champion by his moody and demanding father, by the age of twenty-two Agassi had won the first of his eight grand slams and achieved wealth, celebrity, and the game’s highest honors. But as he reveals in this searching autobiography, off the court he was often unhappy and confused, unfulfilled by his great achievements in a sport he had come to resent. Agassi writes candidly about his early success and his uncomfortable relationship with fame, his growing interest in philanthropy, and – described in haunting, point-by-point detail – the highs and lows of his celebrated career.


Five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova tells the captivating story of her rise to tennis stardom – from leaving Russia a six-year-old with only seven hundred dollars to winning the most important tournaments. She won her first Wimbledon title with just seventeen years in an astonishing upset against the reigning champion Serena Williams—. At eighteen, she reached the number one WTA ranking for the first time, and has held that ranking many times since. In this gripping autobiography, the five-time Grand Slam winner recounts the story of her phenomenal rise to success, narrated with the same no-holds-barred, fiercely provocative attitude that characterizes her tennis game. Full of thrilling, insightful episodes from her beginnings in Siberia, from career-defining games, “Unstoppable” is an inspiring tale of persistence, pulsing with fearlessness and candor.

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