Novak Djokovic and waterdrop get us perfectly hydrated

Tiny cube, big impact! Since 2016 the austrian brand waterdrop has challenged the traditional beverage industry by introducing the Microdrink, a little beverage cube, that turnes tab water into a sugar-free drink. Now they are stepping up the game with a new sports drink and non other than Noval Djokovic as their investor and ambassador…

Small but mighty! Waterdrop has been stirring up the market since 2016 with beverage cubes that give tap water a delicious taste in no time at all, offering an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to the traditional products of the beverage industry. In addition to teas and sugar-free drinks, athletes can now also benefit from the small power packs to drink. The new “Microlyte” line is available in three varieties. Each cube contains five electrolytes, nine vitamins and zinc. In contrast to conventional sports drinks, “Microlyte” tastes naturally fruity, contains no sugar and no caffeine and, thanks to the soluble cube shape, also does not cause any can or bottle waste.

None other than the 22-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic was won over by this concept and is a new investor and brand ambassador at waterdrop. Determined to raise awareness about the negative impact of unhealthy sugary drinks in plastic bottles – Novak Djokovic shares waterdrop’s sentiment for change and, with his unique experience, is now supporting the brand to make an even bigger impact.

“Becoming an athlete doesn’t just rely on talent and training, but also on the choices you make for your body. A healthy lifestyle includes proper hydration ​​with no concessions on environmental impact. I believe that by working together, we can make a real difference and get rid of all the plastic bottles on the tour.”

Novak Djokovic

With the launch of “Microlyte”, waterdrop can hydrate us when we need it the most – both during and after sport. And as means of amplifying the brand’s passion and commitment to sports hydration, waterdrop support also the US tennis players Danielle Collins and Taylor Fritz as committed brand ambassadors, as well as working towards turning ATP tournaments into plastic bottle-free events with the introduction of innovative hydration benches, which we will for sure see courtside during this season…

Photos: © waterdrop

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