The art of tennis: ATP launches a collection of digital artworks

picture-perfect tennis matches: ATP has announced the launch of LOVE, a collection of stunning generative digital artworks created in collaboration with Art Blocks Engine and renowned artist Martin GrassER, which will be On sale from 6 December.

The limited collection of NFTs will introduce new ways for fans to celebrate, admire and own impactful moments from the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals. As a first-of-its kind generative art project in tennis, LOVE will capture official in-match data from the ATP Tour’s season finale to generate unique and iconic works of digital art.

The creative force behind LOVE is Martin Grasser, a leading artist and designer based in the Bay Area, supported by leading generative art house, ARTXCODE. Each piece of artwork tells the story of a winning play from the singles event in Turin, Italy, brought to life as a tennis ball striking a distinctively coloured court. The collection will include pieces of differing rarity including the Championship-Winning Point, Match-Winning Points, and Set-Winning Points, among other special editions.

“Art is in everything—a newspaper, a letter, a swing in a tennis match. These ordinary objects and moments can be broken apart into simple components and built back up into more intricate languages.”

Martin Grasser

In a world first, the project will generate artwork entirely from official tennis data, provided by Tennis Data Innovations. Shadows and court lines will indicate each ball’s location, velocity and direction of travel at the point of impact. Additional variables will be used to generate unexpected colours, texture and zoom, resulting in unique and beautiful collectibles for fans.

Adding to the suspense, LOVE collectors will only have their artwork revealed at the point of minting. Following the mint and reveal, collectors will be able to order a high-quality physical print of their artwork via Level Frames. Fans will also be able to trade their LOVE NFT on the secondary market, with one per cent of secondary sales to be donated directly to the Giving Block’s Mental Health Impact Fund. The LOVE collection goes on sale on Tuesday, 6 December. To learn more about the project, and to purchase your NFT, visit

Photos: © ATP / Test outputs generated from 2021 Nitto ATP Finals match data.

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